Innovative business association of furniture manufacturers and related in the Murcia Region (AMUEBLA)

is a Group of stakeholders working together to address needs in the furniture and habitat sector, representing the interests of important furniture firms from the Mediterranean area.
The purpose of AMUEBLA is facilitated innovative practices to improve the competitiveness of partners companies, to defend its general business interests, and promote its projection and international visibility.

Globalnet Sp. z o.o.
Globalnet Sp. z o.o. is an educational institution, a limited-liability company that belongs to the non-formal learning system in Poland and mostly operates in the adult learning field. The company designs, develops, implement e-learning products and software and provide e-learning solutions and services for business sector and education.
It is committed to high quality instructional design and educational new media development, and provides a core deliverable of programs, courses, and learning objects for the distance education and e-learning markets.

Poznań University of Life Sciences (PULS)
PULS takes a leading position in rankings of universities of life sciences and biological sciences in Poland. At present the Poznań University of Life Science has over 12.000 students, and 1500 employees. Its eight Faculties offer a wide scope of education within 22 fields of study and over 30 specializations, including Biology, Biotechnology, Landscape Architecture, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Wood technology, Environmental Protection, Animal Science, Food Technology, etc.
The Poznań University of Life Sciences provide education within a 3-level system: I) studies for the degree of Engineer or undergraduate (bachelor) studies, II) graduate studies ending with a Master’s degree, and III) Doctoral studies (Ph.D.). All its faculties have an extensive offer of postgraduate studies.

Furniture Manufacturers Association in Romania (APMR)
APMR is a Romanian legal entity, established in 1992 as an employers’ organization working for the interest of the Romanian companies running in the furniture and wooden products business. APMR represents and promotes the interests of the Romanian furniture manufacturers in all their areas of interest (legal, economical, technological, VET, promotion, information etc).
Its members are mainly furniture manufacturers, but also raw material producers, laminated-wooden products manufacturers, as well as other furniture-related companies (suppliers and traders), furniture dealers, R&D, education institutes in the furniture field.

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)
BCCI is a nationally represented horizontal non-profit private NGO with over 53.000 associated members, registered in its Trade Register. Its priorities concern the representation and advocacy of the interests of its member companies and of the business circles and entrepreneurs in the country.
BCCI’s activities and services cover the entire geographical territory of Bulgaria through both nationally represented membership and a network of 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry. Sectorial representation is secured via the Council of Sectorial Organisations, comprising of 103 members.

University of Zaragorza (UNIZAR)
UNIZAR is one of the most important Universities of Spain, that has 22 Faculties and Schools and 55 academic and research departments. It has more than 3,800 teaching and research staff and more than 37,000 students.
UNIZAR is generalist and offers courses in all areas: Arts and Humanities, Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Law and Engineering and Architecture. UNIZAR, specifically its Law School, has a wide knowledge in Public Procurement policies. In this way UNIZAR is coordinating the Spanish Observatory of Public Procurement (SOPP).